Same-sex marriage

There are debates about same-sex marriage taking place in many countries around the world. These papers give some reflections on various aspects of the subject.

Dr Ian Ridgway: Same-sex marriage: a legal error and empirical mistake

This important article by Dr Ian Ridgway provides a perspective on advocacy for same sex marriage as a civil right which needs to be heard. Careful consideration of his arguments should enable more careful scrutiny of the calls for equality which actually fail to demonstrate the validity of the claims made.

Dr Ian Ridgway: Same-sex marriage, law, schooling and religious-freedom

Dr Ian Ridgway has contributed an article on the impact Same-Sex Marriage Law has on schooling and religious freedom.

Dr Ian Ridgway: Why many Christians support normative marriage

Dr Ian Ridgway has contributed another article on the subject of same-sex marriage, this time analysing the arguments of Jim Reiher, who advocates that Christians should accept same-sex marriage as a matter of justice.

Dr Ridgway argues that there is no issue of public justice involved in the push for same-sex marriage, and that in fact new injustices are created through the adoption of same sex marriage.

Dr Bruce Wearne: Senate submission on marriage-equality amendment-bill-2009

The attached document was made as a to the Australian Senate by Dr Bruce Wearne in 2009, but was not released on the Parliamentary website along with other submissions. We are providing it here as a contribution to the on-going discussions about the validity of same-sex marriage.

There is also an advertisement prepared by the Australian Christian Lobby which has been banned by the Australian Channel 7 and Channel 10. This is an example of the difficulty experienced by those wanting to present an alternative view to the predominant support for same-sex marriage. View the advertisement here and see whether it is something that you would agree to being banned.

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