Many Christians around the world share in the conviction that the Lordship of Christ is to govern the whole of their lives. There is a growing number of resources available for those who wish to explore their faith and walk of discipleship from this perspective. This website seeks to draw those resources to the attention of Christians specifically in South East Asia and Australasia.

In that respect, we will seek to publish relevant material in English, Chinese, Tagalog and Bahasa, and possibly other languages as and when this is available.

Please visit this website often as we will be adding new content as and when it becomes available.

The photos on this site were taken in the Rimutaka Forest Park, Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

Yours in the name of Christ the King

Chris Gousmett, Webmaster

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This site is dedicated to the conviction that all of life is subject to the Lordship of Christ. Posts here seek to indicate how we should live on that basis.

See our posts on the “Blog” page. The current posts have been moved from our earlier site. We hope you will find this encouraging. New material will be posted as soon as it is available.

We hope you will post a comment and join the discussion.

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